• Ghostbusters Video Game Remastered Promo Art
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    Ghostbusters Video Game Remastered: Freaky Switch Review

    Nobody asked for a Ghostbusters Video Game Remastered review in 2021, it's sure to be overshadowed by the mega Afterlife release coverage, but maybe, just maybe, you weren't sure who to call. So, that's where I spawn my digital specter presence and declare, "No, Mr. Parker, no I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts." I'm not sure if there's anybody on the planet who has never seen Ghostbusters, so to those who want to know more, let me indulge you in this review of an updated Switch version of a game that revived a great continuation of the Ghostbusters universe.

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    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: Review

    I'm not sure why the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid DLC packs showed up on Steam today. While the DLC's don't interest me yet, I did remember I have been eager and hopeful about the core game which is available on Xbox Gamepass, and I knew what I had to do, review the core game! It's not accurate to sort Power Rangers into any category I decided. This is because it's a phenomenon in and of itself. As a millennial, I was raised on Zordon and Tommy. So, I knew I could check this out without extending my spirit too far. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:…

  • planet zoo popular animal zoo tycoon simulator game
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    Planet Zoo: I’m A Fan Of The Animals

    Personal revelation: I love animals! Always have, always will. When I travel, one of my first attractions is usually a zoo, aquarium, or natural history museum. Not to mention beaches, refuges, and forests. And while we’re at it, throw some vegetarian restaurants into the mix. That is one reason today I’ll be reviewing Planet Zoo. Unfortunately, haven’t been able to go much of anywhere in a while due to you know what. It’s a subject which is turning video games less into a way to relax into a fully blown way to experience things. And that’s how it used to be for me, when I was younger. When I was…

  • minecraft 100% pure popular video game survival craft
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    Minecraft Fans Dream Of 64-Bit Sheep

    Minecraft rocks. It blocks and rolls. I first played this game around I want to say 2009. People in my social circle were going bonkers for this game. Or “bonkies” as I now want to say, but that’s unrelated. I was really hesitant because it seemed to short circuit my interest in sandbox gameplay with how I felt about low res graphics. It’s basically still that way, but this is one of the most popular games ever, so I return to it frequently. Chop Down Trees With Ya’ Bare Fists! Ah, yes, a glorious sunrise in Minecraft valley amongst the idling cattle, rolling waters, and orange patter of rain among…

  • yoshi's crafted world fun family friendly nintendo game
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    Yoshi’s Crafted World: Review

    I had to remember how to play this game, but once I did I remembered how care free it is to play this game, a nice array of forgiving obstacles and a high attention to detail in its very particular artistic style. I meant to write something about it a while ago, but I kept overthinking it. Today I have some video, screenshots, and seasoned thoughts on Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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    Star Wars Episode I: Racer (A Re-released N64 Classic!)

    Look no further, 'tis I Jedi Master Mr. Dave Pizza with an encoded message from the Tatooine system where there is sand everywhere. I've been wanting to do a piece on Star Wars for ages now. When the Skywalker Saga concluded last year, I felt like a muted voice in an ocean of opinions. This blog didn't even exist then, but everybody was all ""MEH" STARMWARMS, WAT!" The tide is falling back though, and I want to take a moment to talk to you about Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer and how Star Wars has affected me over the years. Sometimes a really simple game is a really simple…

  • lego marvel super heroes 2 gameplay review
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    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: It’s All Here

    The subtitle “It’s All Here” says it all. I’ve tried a few Marvel games over the years, and I’ve seen a good handful of the movies. Never really delved into the comics, but I feel they are well represented in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. I went into this game thinking maybe it’d be isolated to Avengers characters without much divergence. There are PLENTY of Marvel Heroes in this game though, and you’ll have no trouble finding them. Within the first couple of chapters of game I played or interacted with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, She-Hulk, Wasp, Gwenpool and more.

  • sims 4 title screen
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    The Sims 4: A Viable Substitute for Reality!

    The Sims had a demo for Windows 98 that I found as a teenager. My sister and I both were absolutely enthralled with it. I made a Japanese shoji house with a lawn made of swimming pools and carpeted sidewalks between the rooms. I made a bachelor pad with a dance club in the attic. I made my sims drink juice and blow bubbles for days. Oh yeah, it's The Sims!

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    Super Mario 3D All Stars: It’sa me! It’sa me! It’sa me! Ad Infinitum!

    Super Mario 3D All Stars for all parties interested, is a special release from Nintendo this year for the Switch which contains three classic Mario games spruced up for HD and available for a limited time offer in physical as well as digital form. They're serious about the limited time too, which has some scratching their heads but it is what it is. I don't sign on as Dave Ubercollector Pizza instead of Dave Pizza, but I believe this is what is called a chase. Or something.

  • lego harry potter collection switch review
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    Harry Potter LEGO: Yer A Wizard

    I’m not totally certain when it started, but back in the old school days of Nintendo Wii, maybe PC, there was a very exciting release of Harry Potter books/films 1-4 and eventually 5-7. Today, you can play these games on so many platforms that I probably don’t even need to tell you what they are, because you probably have one.