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    Halloween Game Indie Mash: Spooky Station & 4 More

    Spooky Station, Fifo's Night, Haunt the House, Pumpkin Jack, and Monster League. Spooky Station is actually 9 games too, I was boggling over what games to include, but I ultimately realized: how about everything? Let's go! Fifo's Night is some major deep cuttage, which we love here. And some recent covered games too! Are you ready for this frightful/thoughtful indie Halloween game list? Anything could happen…

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    5 Quick Indie Demo Game Reviews: All on Steam

    Whenever I try new games to review, I usually go through a few that are actually good, but which I can't quite find much to say without simply chewing the fat. So here's a brief compilation of some cool indie game tests, which deserve a little cred.

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    8 FREE Indie Android Games Reviewed 2/11/2021

    I cleaned this article up, and it’s a lot more consistent with everything else here now. I’ve been sifting through back logs like Gandalf the Grey in Minas Tirith. I’ve got some great new resources for keeping my eye on the Android app market now. I’m not here to be stingy, so if you want to know what it is, check out this awesome aggregator: appagg.com. It will change your world, if you’re a nut-job like me and catalogue Android games. Anyway! PlayStore can occasionally be a bit heavy on the monetizing. But once in a while there is a real gem, or two, or three, or more! What’s more…

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    5 More Great Itch.IO Games

    Here are 5 Itch.IO games that are either demos, choose your own price, or free–depending on how much you want to contribute or can afford. You may have noticed I am very enthusiastic about this platform because it is where indie games are happening every moment! I’ve got some great titles for you, so let’s get started. 1. Doggo Quest https://meebob.itch.io/doggo-quest The dog is pretty cute and funny and the interactions with the other creatures and features are all really good. When I looked at the environments and creatures I noticed that this game seems to be entirely hand painted, possibly water-colored. It has a very relaxing ambience because of…

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    More Indie Dev Android Games

    If you haven’t read this subject on my site, here’s a briefer. I review indie and mainstream games from a mindful and creative perspectives. I only write about games I’d recommend, because that just seems logical to me. One place I have received so much response is in my indie game developer lists. That’s what this one’s going to be. And if I handle it, it may be a very regular thing amongst my usual switch and pc reviews. Stay tuned for more on Itch.IO too! So here we go, some indie developed games I recently got free on Play Store with Play Pass (the best thing ever for mobile…

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    NES Nostalgia: Games From My Youth

    I wanted to call this "NES Games That Influenced Me" or something like that. Honestly though, I can't totally remember WHY I remember these games, only that they evoke some mood or emotion when I play them. I guess you could call it nostalgia. Yeah, that's probably it. The main reason for this is I wanted to try writing about something I haven't tried.

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    5 Great Itch.IO Games to Try

    I recently, officially delved into a world which is mysterious yet intriguing on the game review front to me. That world is Itch.io. If you are unfamiliar with this website, it is an all inclusive community of solo-dev and indie dev game projects. It’s got everything from free games to digital game building resources. It’s also host to some pretty weird stuff, and I’m okay with that, because there is so much creative flow happening here. This is like SoHo for game artists. I have already delved right into 5 games that were free demos. Note: it is customary for developers to posture a modest donation for games, although it…

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    Android Games I Found Out About on Twitter!

    Alright, people, it’s time to adore some Free Android games. I suppose I should have anticipated this but I’ve had a good chunk of people on Twitter asking if I’d check out their game. Some just have it linked on their profile so that works too. So, I wanted to not be a flake though and check some out. Here are some Android games (also known as Google Play) from the people, cats, and mechanoids of Twitter. I’ll list Google and Twitter pages for each game. Enjoy. Android Game: Slime Diet Saga Okay, actually I hunted this one down with the Mr. Pizza dowsing paddle. It’s really great though. You…

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    More Premium Android Games on Google Play Pass

    Happy new year! Oh wait, did I do that already? No worries, because it is still NEW, and I’ve got some NEWLY tested premium Android Ggmes games. I recently signed up for a trial on Google Play Pass because I was downloading copious amounts of Play Store games for this series. Gotta say, it’s kinda worth it.

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    Android Games: Google Play Pass! 1/6/2021

    It’s been many a cold night since the last Android games post. This was an initially a project I wanted to maintain more regularly. Things have become a little easier to manage though after Christmas. We’re on point today. Not only are these games good, but your feedback is making this possible. Also, I’ll have you know, that I’ve got a leg up on these Android games with the new Google Play Store “Play Pass.” It’s a 2 month free trials, and very affordable after that. You get all sorts of premium games, including new ones every day, FOR FREE. This is not a sponsored endorsement or anything. What it…