Creative Writing Pieces by Dave. I have a lot of nearly completed writing but I am in the process of transferring them here since this has been primarily an indie games blog for so long. This is a work in progress. Keep an eye on this section

Power Glove Ad Screen

Flash Fiction: The Christmas Power Glove

I could do anything with the Christmas Power Glove. Decorate trees, bake gingerbread cookies, send letters to Santa… inscribe my name on the moon. Woah, wait a minute, I’m letting this get to my head, it’s too much.

I’m not saying I’m blaming him, but I had a bad feeling … Read the rest

Prague Clock Wizards Hightower Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: A Wizard In Need of Refreshment

It’s one thing to florally describe all the astrolabes, dusty old library books, and half-eaten tomato sandwiches in the wizard’s quarters. Time is an illusion though, and his mother was calling him for lunch. So, the wizard, tall and messy, consumed by silvery pajamas, descended into the kitchen that morning. … Read the rest

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