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The Character Creator is a Free Tool For World Building

I talked earlier today about using character creators for game creation, particularly for a visual novel. I went on a hunt, first on Itch.IO, but then on Google. It took me less than a minute to find a free 2D character creator to work as a visual novel character maker.

Character Creator, A Visual Novel Character Maker Option

Visual Novel Character Maker

I even was able to add a face mask, but I’m up in the air about how that would be implemented. Indeed, face masks are an intriguing development in visual character creation. I do not think there is any right or wrong in how you should address that topic. It’s certainly a nice option though if it is important to you.

Here are some other character creators I found :

Avatarmaker, Anichara, Kartunix, Avataaars Generator, Cartoonize, Superherotar, Doll Divine, Freepik, Marvelhq, Character Creator, Ksuocartoon, Befunky.

For my own VN project, I might use some of these as an art brainstorm. I was intrigued by one option on this list called “Face Your Manga.” It looks very neat, but the site uses flash apparently, which has been deprecated recently. I do not know if they have plans to upgrade it.

Actual drawing skills and illustration skills are really key though. I think the next step is to create a single character and see what happens with some tracing. I know to trace, so fake, blah blah, if it does the job. It’s more likely that I’ll need to engage in some real art lessons first.

This one going straight into the dev category. Cheers.

Thanks for reading Feel free to look around and read as much as you like, there are many topics! Also, check out my new How-To section, I am creating new articles like this one for gamers AND devs.

Update: This is mostly a visual resource for character creation. For writing character profiles check out this article here: Character Profile Advice: Writing Believeable Characters.

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