About Me

So, you’ve stumbled upon this page because there is something about this whole Mr. Dave Pizza idea that intrigues you. Maybe you’ve never seen a game site like it! Well, you are right. Wait, is this even a game site?

Over this past year, I have poured my heart and soul into this site in the midst of some very challenging circumstances! Yet, I’ve already written around 144,000 words and 186 articles of foundational topical writing in exchange for your support really.

I want to continue and I intend to.

I love indie games, and you’ll find them here, but I’m also interested in books, movies, comics, and more. I am committed to making these posts and expanding the scope of Mr. Dave Pizza with new areas for instruction and resources for developers, artists, writers, and content creators.

Most of all, I am ensuring every day that you are entertained, finding out new information, and getting value from Mr. Dave Pizza!

Thank you! And thank you for reading Mr. Dave Pizza.

(Yes, that is me in a pizza face cut out at a pizza shop in Nova Scotia 😂 .)

P.S. I also sort of/kind of took a throw at putting together my own solo-dev visual novel called Thank You, Mr. Bell. It’s a demo-stage visual novel about Alexander Graham Bell. Check it out on Itch.IO if you’re interested. Here’s a link.

Consider supporting Mr. Dave Pizza so that I can continue to bring you excellent content!

I am a former regular showcaser for “Indie Game Collective,” a content creation group for developers and creators like myself. Currently, I am no longer showcasing games with IGC, although they’re still friends. If you see this logo on an article, that is why. You can learn more at their Twitter: @IGCollective.