Let Me Showcase or Write For You


🙋‍♂️If you need someone well-suited to showcase your project or write content, talk to me at dave@mrdavepizza.com, and we can discuss it right away. I do not charge for showcasing and welcome requests. I usually am up to create content for just about anything. If you’re a game developer or game publisher, I can feature your content on:

  • YouTube (Currently 370+ subscribers)
  • This Blog (Always reaching new audiences)
  • X/Twitter (1500+ Followers)
  • Plus Steam reviews & Discord

For game region purposes, I am located in the United States.

Currently, I can play games on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox X|S.

Why do I do this? Well, it might sound simple, but I love GAMES! Also–dare I say it–I like networking with interesting people and creators! You never know when somebody might need something down the line, myself included, so let’s talk about it.

If you’re curious how this all works, feel free to browse around this website or YouTube Channel to see what kind of content I do. I have years of experience writing and have showcased games for several publishers and indie developers. I also optimize all my posts for SEO (search engines.) I am honored that you have considered me to talk about your project. I hope we can work together!

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