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Arietta of Spirits is a New Cozy Game I Played

rietta of Spirits is a story-driven action-adventure set in a bustling forest teeming with creatures from the spirit realm. Your identity is Arietta, a young lady camping at grandma’s cabin along with Arietta’s mom and dad. Arietta meets a spirit named Arco on their first night.

After Arietta’s departed grandmother greets her on the cabin pier and sends her on a quest to retrieve a silver ring, things take a major turn.

With some authentic metaphysical storytelling involving realms, ghosts, and spirits, the integrity of the spiritual aspect of this game is solid. As a reward, it creates a game with a story with countless possibilities and storytelling. Let’s take a look.

This showcase is made possible thanks to the collaboration between Indie Game Collective and Third Spirit Games.

Gameplay of Arietta of Spirits

The gameplay in Arietta of Spirits is RPG-style hack and slash with endless forests and some heavy dialogue moments on par with a quality visual novel. It’s not terribly complex, and it doesn’t need to be. The gameplay feels like a combination of Earthbound and Zelda, which you might be prepared for straight away. I found it very easy and intuitive to learn the controls, although be prepared to put up a fight when interacting with mobs. Game difficulties come in levels of easy, medium, and hard. Checkpoints are fairly regular. The story is actually one of the highest qualities in this game since it succeeds with its complex emotional topics and plausible dialogue. I truly enjoy this.

More Nuggets From the Other Side

I have not read or indulged in much metaphysical speculation like this in a while. Yes, I enjoy reading my horoscope occasionally, am not bad at tarot, and know a thing or two about akashic records. I don’t think my attempts to become a certified wizard need to qualify me for this game though, and that’s fine by me. From this point forward, your belief or even interest in the supernatural is not required to enjoy this game.

This super story-driven game might be able to abed your interest in the topics of spirit realms and afterlife business. This certainly is a convenient worldbuilding theme or if there’s an intentional exposure to new age sentiment. Either way is totally fine with me, and if you are inclined to the supernatural as well as RPGs, there’s something here for you.

Features of Arietta of Spirits

Here is a list of features from the press kit. Simple but comprehensive:

  • Explore a mysterious island with lush forests, murky caverns, and dark secrets
  • Beautiful retro-style pixel graphics and an inspiring original soundtrack
  • Meet fascinating characters and discover the deep lore
  • Fight a wide range of enemies in reaction-based combat
  • Easy to approach game mechanics, suitable for everyone

A Few More Thoughts on Arietta of Spirits

The quality of an RPG is apparent early on. When I played Arietta of Spirits, I enjoyed the attention to detail to things like the hand on the clock moving and varied dialogue illustrations. These are pure ephemeral minutia, I know, but why not enjoy them? Visually it’s quite good really. You may know that I am an avid fan of visual novels. This game is tagged as such and definitely appeals to the visual novel vibe. There is a sincere metric ton of dialogue, and I don’t mind.

This game is totally straightforward, and if you want to play an easy RPG with a good story, and a little spookiness, but not so much it will cause you anguish, this cute spectral story is for you.

We’re Done Here

If you’d like to check out Arietta of Spirits, I have a steam link below. It is 10% off until the 27th.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I had a lot of fun with this topic, and I have several new ways to find new games on my site. If you like what you read here, please have a look around, and be sure to stop again. Thanks!

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