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Caves Ablaze Feels like a Super Old School Platformer

Caves Ablaze is a 2D Metroidvania Platformer. Play as a ball of fire that completes puzzles deep underground by using flames and dashing abilities to unlock paths. Avoid water and slowly make your way to the surface. Playable with an X-Box Input Controller or keyboard. This was the inaugural free games post for the FGV blog. Not a lot documented here, but a perfectly enjoyable game.

Caves Ablaze Gameplay

Ah, okay, another fore into the world of free games on itchio. Although not every gamer out there has an interest in platformers with cozy intentions and charming non-human characters, I often find them to represent what’s going on here that I’m always writing about.

Anyway, the game is pretty straightforward. You are a flame and you must progress through a series of caves, using the innovative survival techniques that a ball of fire would use to get past obstacles and puzzles. You might, like me, recognize this theme from the wonderful film Howl’s Moving Castle, one of my favorites.

There’s not a terrible amount of complexity to any of it, but it is a very good game, and I’m glad I tried it. The graphics and the environments are really cool and I felt like playing it was more significant than just seeing it done. I enjoyed the puzzles and went as far as I could just to see what it was about.

One thing I love about platformers is they allow solo devs to cram a ton of thematic elements into a rather efficient format. Not knowing the direction desired by the dev, I was surprised to see this for free.


You might want to check this one out! I recommend having knowledge of ItchIO to try it, although it’s not terribly complex. If you like it, drop the dev a comment on their page.

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I hope you enjoyed what I shared here and that you’ll have a look around my website. Enjoy your games!

Download the game from ItchIO today for free:

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