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Escaping Winter is a 16-bit indie surival game on

Escaping Winter is a strategy game about a forest colony that has to survive the winter every few turns. It’s safe to say that this is more of a JAM than anything, solely representing some conceptual ideas. Indeed, civ strategy games are not my forte, but I think this idea is unique enough.

If unprepared a winter might be the downfall of a society if it lasts long enough. Luckily it just makes the fire put-put a couple of times. This is a small solo project, nothing to overanalyze. I liked the title screen though and this demo has what it needs.

Escaping Winter: From the Comfort of Your Home

This post certainly needs a little bulk. I couldn’t fully commit to going headfirst into the depths of this dev project. I did notice that it has a nice blend of aesthetics from Minecraft, to Sim City, to Oregon Trail. A winning trifecta of game influences. Escaping Winter is not a headliner yet like games found in the Pop Indie section, but there’s some winning sincerity here.

After you get a few operations up like an inn or an herbalist shop, you can start making money and collecting resources. Use money resources to make more resource generators ad infinitum.

I’m not sure how deep the game goes, but the structures are labeled at Tier 1, which makes me assume they must be reaching tier 2 at some point. The description actually says the structures go up to tier 5 and there are plenty of features as you progress. “33 cards over 5 tiers.” Oh, and also there are 3 difficulty levels.

Cool Project

Give it a look, it’s certainly enough for some somewhat brief gameplay. You can find it on Itch.IO.

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