Galacticon Really Plays Like an Old Arcade Cabinet Style Game

Today, I’m taking a look at the soon-to-be-released, arcade-style title Galacticon from developer Radin Games. It’s similar in style to 1980s arcade games like Defender, Joust, and Jetpac. You might be familiar with some of these from the book Ready Player One; and maybe the film, but I can’t remember, although I know Joust featured prominently in the book.

I sat down with the space-themed preview they provided and honestly got really into it. Initially, I wondered how much there’d be to say, but the game has many objectives. There’s also an online leaderboard to compete with, so it is full of incentives to play. I’ll give you a rundown of some features as well. And as usual, I’ve included my gameplay, as usual, with the YouTube video at the top. Let’s get started.

This game is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

First. Flynn’s Arcade is a publisher in Spain that has released a good handful of games. They’ve reached out to me a couple of times after I reviewed the brilliant game What Comes After? A public thank you to them for the game and for noticing my content.

What Does Galacticon Have to Offer?

Galacticon has a lot to offer apparently. The game, downloadable on Steam for PC, has all the exclusive content of a premium game–in an almost bold, but accurate, commitment to authenticity. I don’t honestly play a ton of arcade games, but it’s beginning to become a genuine interest of mine. A nice thing about playing new-release arcade games is you can get all the perks of a classic cabinet optimized for your controller; or arcade pad, keyboard, or whatever. My successes were my own, and my slips were my own, because of the way it was optimized. This makes for an excellent test of the player’s agility.

The objective is, as the winged hero, to blast enemies swarming through a fixed map of platforms and open space and rescue innocent citizens. The small citizens, wandering the platforms are also rescued by blasting cage ships. Simply fly to the passengers to scoop them up and bring them to the four-door ship pods at the bottom of the level. Once you’ve filled all the pods, you’ll be prompted to fly upward into an asteroid belt toward your ship.

When you reach your limit, there is, an in-game online leaderboard to compete against other players from around the world.

The Galacticon Genre

To be totally honest, I really don’t know who the audience for this genre is–but I suppose there probably is an audience out there. Well, actually I know there is, but like I said I have not spent much time with it! Everything considered though, I made it through the first couple of levels multiple times; and this is actually the kind of arcade genre game that I’ve always wanted to try for a post here.

I really appreciate the authenticity of the 8-bit pixel art that’s also pleasant to look at. The splashy 8-bit music and sound effects really made it feel like a jump back in time too. And further, the obtainable boosts floating through the waterfall of pixels in-game were authentic and useful.

I’d recommend Galacticon to any players considering an arcade-style game from Stema based on the preview I had today. If you would like to obtain more information, definitely check out the Steam link below.

Thanks for Reading/Watching

Thanks for checking out my blog and YouTube channel MrDavePizza. I have the link to the game below, which is set to release on May 20th–so make sure to wishlist that and check it out. It will also be released on Nintendo Switch. If any devs/publishers out there want me to try out their own arcade games (or any game) let me know! To everybody, make sure to have a look around this blog because there is a lot of new content.

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Get ready player one, this game is available now!

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