I Found the SNES Style Bumballon for Under a Dollar, and it was GREAT

I’ve got a great video up for Bumballon on my YouTube channel because I found this game on a Steam sale for 89 cents! With some investigation, I narrowed down some impulse options for pixel art platformers in the likes of some recent faves like Grapple Dog (which hopefully I’ll get to) and PomPom. Bumballon is a game with unique characters and a traditional SNES-type side-scroller game that puts me into an optimized chill mode. Basically, hop in a cannon, and, after the blast-off, interact as you’re taken for a ride through a colorful world with unique obstacles and fun challenges.

Blast Into Nostalgia with Bumballon

If you need guidance on the value of this, just trust me, get it. Even if you miss the sale, it’s not terribly pricey. It’s got full-controller support, no wild bugs, and feels really good for replayability. The game has tons of pixel art birds but other mobs to mix things up too. There are 35 levels and 7 worlds, which is not humongous, but actually totally perfect. I’d been thinking about the need for a game that has the same type of replayability as my go-to Super Mario Bros., which, as you might know, is a game that has 8 worlds with 4 levels per world.

Great Gameplay

In my opinion, this is the perfect amount of content for a game like this. Sink-your-teeth-in platformers can be fun, like the oh-so-epic Celeste, but I’m happy to start over every game and try to win. The game has excellent animated pixel graphics, sound effects, and a great chiptune soundtrack, and the art is stylized in a lovely cartoon theme. Its warming visual delights are consistent and creative.

With the affordability and great platform game flow, Bumballon gets 8/8 pizza slices from me. It’s a solo dev with a lot of heart, so check it out. I appreciate you reading/watching Mr. Dave Pizza. This one is a little more off the cuff than my usual reviews, but I’m feeling good about it after yesterday’s Earth Day post.

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