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Dogurai by HungryBear is a Game Boy-style indie Metroidvania. I know about it through, a couple of co-creators from Indie Game Collective. Thank you, Jaunty Adventures and Pursuing Pixels. Their taste is superb, as this turned out to be an exciting game. I’ve covered very few Game Boy titles here, aside from Lasagna Boy and… actually, that might be it. It’s a great genre if you want to get into indies.

In summary, the designs are aligned with the palette and rendering of old-school Game Boy games. This one in particular is a nice platformer/Metroidvania that takes you through some moderately challenging levels. There are ruffian henchmen, shielded hulks, and old-school SMB 3-style bosses. In my video, I had to jump around like more of a ninja to obliterate the first boss.

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Originally, Dogurai was a Jam project, conceptualized in a small amount of time for a slew of other titles. Currently, Dogurai is polished and crisp. Also, you can see this on the store pages but Dogurai doesn’t just take place in the verdant halls of classic Gameboy color. You can adjust it and inevitably shall end up at a variety of multi-colored areas like deserts and factories–aside from the initial sewer area.

If you want to get a sample of the gameplay, I recommend the demo, which I played, on the ItchIO page. I don’t know all the credentials or backstory, but I suspect it has a lasting impression on players. Side note: I did find that mastering the controls is an important aspect of Dogurai. I ended up mapping my Xbox controller to a keyboard binding map. This made it a lot easier. If you often use a controller, it’s easy to rebind the keys.


  • Classic pixel graphics
  • Game Boy style concept
  • Move with arrow keys, z to jump, x to attack
  • Monochrome color adjustment
  • PC Game (ItchIO or Steam)
  • Challenging platform levels
  • Chiptune soundtrack

Sword Slice

I have the link below to the game and make sure to check out the video above where I completed the first level.

Thank you for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. If you enjoy this kind of thing, then please have a look around my website, because there is plenty to see and I think you’re going to enjoy it.

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