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Cryptid Crush is Creepy, Cool, and Completely Awesome

I have been getting really into visual novels and interactive fiction lately. Itch.IO is rich with these games, and they’re kind of a nice gig. There’s a lot they can offer for developers and gamers. Lower production demands without sacrificing creativity, and a focused effort for players. The talent of the creator is still necessary of course. I certainly intended to give Cryptid Crush an efficient test. I played it out until the very end though. These games are making me interested in themes I didn’t even know existed. I’ll even admit I let a whole cup of coffee go cold because I was really enthralled by it. So, let me tell you about Cryptid Crush.

This is a visual novel/interactive fiction about you moving into a town of cryptids. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, cryptids belong to the pseudoscientific/mystical study of cryptozoological creatures, mythical beasts basically. Bigfoot, Mothman, etc. Cryptid Crush also includes supernatural creatures like ghosts and other questionable things.

There is a variety of supernatural ambiance this whole game though. Everybody gets to take a chance. Your humanity is mostly an assumption but not totally an imposition either. Why fret specifics when your buds aren’t even the same species I guess? Right? This is not a family game. It is a horror, and it is adult. It’s not obscene, but this is locked shelf material. When I worked in the book trade, certain books were on locked shelves, because they were often stolen due to embarrassed customers. This might not totally be in that category but it rounds the bases.

Is It Okay if I Say Adult Goosebumps Books?

The gameplay. You and your moth man friend Atlas and mystical cat Taro are driving through the country when a gravelly haunting DJ taunts the radio waves in a jester style. Before you know it, they and Jamie the tall red devil, are breaking and entering the boarded-up old radio station from which the defunct station on the radio they knew to have been broadcasting.

It’s amazing how a friendly cartoon façade can turn a seriously creepy story setting into something kind of fun. I’m telling you again, Visual Novels are really great. The music was spooky and glowing green ooze in the dark station was pretty good to drive the story along and also to look at. When you reach the DJ room beyond a red glowing on-air sign, everything turns totally paranormal bonkers, combat, crazy everything. Madhouse Mike the ghost, consumed by the radioactive Toxic Waste Energy drink holds your friends hostage as he pretty much tries to steal their souls.

Cryptid Crush Madhouse Mike
Cryptid Crush Visual Novel Radio Studio

Luckily, with a group of friendly cryptids, the impact of this is not as threatening as you’d think. Even Atlas, the moth humanoid, knows a ton load of trivia about Madhouse Mike, although his fate remains in balance through much of the story.

I love the choice of characters in this game. It jibes with my open-mindedness to supernatural themes. These days that fact is more of an annoyance than a philosophy, but I love a good supernatural story where creepy beastly characters get to have a voice.

The developer, Drowsy Drake Studios, has another visual novel called Dino Nite in development, which is similar mechanically but a different story. I played through the entirety of that one, which right now is around 10 minutes before I played this one.

If you’re looking for a neat project to spend around an hour on check out this project. It’s a little bit spooky but I played it in the dark and I’m scared of everything. Kinda mature themes too, but nothing raunchy.

GOO’ Luck with Cryptid Crush

I really liked this game, and honestly, I think you should too. The developer has some great storytelling skills and an excellent design aesthetic. My niche grows more specific every day. So, gotta love trying something new to play. I hope I gave you enough information to make a decision, it’s my opinion though that this is a really creative and unique project. You can find this game by searching for “Cryptid Crush” on Itch.IO.

Take your time, and check out more at I’ve played many games and there’s more all the time. Thank you for stopping by. I’m Dave Pizza, pizza out.

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