Dark Dragonkin is A Little, Simple Indie I Played

Dark Dragonkin is an indie dev project from Twintertainment that is a top-down pixelized fantasy RPG/dungeon-crawler. Players control multiple characters in a group to make them work together to defeat enemies and advance the story. This game is still deep in the dev process with a potential audience of RPG fans and general indie gamers.

From Twintertainment: “The prince has been kidnapped! Your party has been chosen to rescue him. You must journey through the realms of the dragonkin each more difficult than the last. There is a realm of fire, ice, lightning, and stone plus more! The dragonkin are quite formidable; you must use each member’s skill strategically to defeat the Dragon Kin King and save the price.

This demo showcase is through collaboration between Indie Game Collective and Twintertainment.

Go To Your Room, Dungeon Crawling in Dark Dragonkin

The key to this showcase is going to mostly be what I relay from the developer. I started off in a stone dungeon with a variety of walls and scattered mobs with my cohorts. It is definitely an old-school style design that has a charm. Much of the movement, feels made to accommodate the pixel art form heroes and that is not wrong. Characters work together. Each character is controlled separately like Lost Vikings if you are familiar with that concept. One character goes to one area, then another character moves in to bash, cast, open, etc. The very first one involves jumping a gap while another character transforms into a fairy to access a button. A mob comes out and a brief fight moves the story forward.

Each character’s race/class (talking RPG stuff here) determines what part of the process they are capable of. In the first dungeon area I tested, it was clearly announced what to do. After this process, I tested out some of the other combat abilities which are your standard fare of shield blocking and range attack, including magic spells. I played this all on my DS4 controller, so I was pretty amazed at how easy it was. Button tooltips for the abilities were listed in controller form (A, B, X, Y LT RT) which was pretty good actually, and I didn’t have much trouble. It might take practice to perfect the timing though, but it is entirely playable.


  • You control each character separately.
  • Each character has their own unique skills to get past obstacles.
  • Every Level is like an old-school RPG puzzle.
  • Even the enemies are puzzles of how to avoid or destroy them.
  • You must figure out how to gather the party at the exit portal to advance.
  • Powerful bosses are a challenging puzzle to defeat to gain passage through their realm.

And more from Steam on the character abilities and skills:

  • Rose: The tank of the party. By far the most durable. She has more health and takes less damage than the others. When using her shield she becomes nearly invincible. When charging forward she can stun enemies and move heavy objects.
  • Dante: He is melee DPS. He can dispatch most enemies when he can attack from behind. Stealth is his ally. He also specializes in jumping great distances to avoid obstacles and get in the right position for the kill.
  • Nova: He is a ranged caster. He can dispatch many foes with a fireball at range. He also can dispel magical wards as they descend into the depths of the dungeon.
  • Evelina: No party is complete without a healer. If a party member falls to the dangers of the dungeon, no worries because Evelina can bring them back. She can also change into a fairy to sneak through all the tiny cracks in the dungeon.

Here be Dragons

Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. And thank you to Indie Game Collective, especially ParaDyme, for helping make this possible. There is so much to see here, so please have a look around! And be sure to come back!

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