Doggone Hungry: This Good Boy Wants All Of Your Snacks NOW

Doggone Hungry is a free hilarious game about an adorable pup, his favorite toy, some loveable humans, and that gosh darn cat. You’ll pounce countertops against the clock to acquire enough, and by enough I mean as many as he wants, snacks to bulk up and solve the exasperating crisis of your unreachable toy duck Quackerjack.

The environment alternates between a house party or beach, filled with humans relaxing tolerating your actions as much as you can sidetrack them. Don’t be so quick to bark after lunching on some prepared hot dogs they had sitting out because you will get caught! They will just put you in timeout though. This game is so cute and so pleasant, (also it’s free), so I just had to choose this as today’s free-for-all showcase.

Platform: Steam

The gameplay of Doggone Hungry

There are two levels in Doggone Hungry, technically three if you count the tutorial. The other two are located at a party and a beach.

Moving around is pretty simple. I suggest you do the tutorial first because it makes a lot more sense. You kinda have to work at it to get some snacks, which enhances the gameplay in my experience. Snacks range from chip dip at a party, to dessert straight from the fridge, or even a donut somebody abandoned for some reason right on the floor–score! In some instances, you will simply have to try and jump up on a counter even if there is no other way. Many snacks can be acquired by simply pouncing up a bit and clicking the button.

Be sure to use the purple area spots to avoid getting caught, and bark near doors–wait a moment and a good human will let you out. Just remember, you just want to be a plump doggy and that’s how you win the game. More gain, no shame! Woof!

Features of Doggone Hungry

Here are some features direct from the press kit.

  • Collect tons of wearable items
  • Explore multiple levels of doggy goodness
  • Play multiple mini-games
  • Complete quests around the level
  • Warm your heart by retrieving your toy

Woof, Gimme Them Snacks

When I saw this game listed on Steam, I had a good feeling about it. This free game came out on August 2nd on Steam, and has over 100 positive reviews already, so it intrigued me. That’s quite a bit of momentum for a small dev project. It is uncertain if this is an in-dev stage project or something which is finished. It seems pretty good though, and I enjoyed playing it.

You might find this style familiar. It’s definitely something kind of Sims-ish in nature but it uses a style that is actually quite original after delving in for a while. I suppose so long as your heart isn’t made of cold dirt, this will probably make you feel good inside. I cannot speak for cat people, but that might be enough. We had dogs most of my childhood and there was no shortage of knee-slapping recounts of dogs stealing hot dogs, cake, and even butter right off the table. Some people are horrified of this, which strikes me as strange, but some dogs just like to steal food! They can’t help it. Which is one reason why this game was so hilarious and charming for me.

Nap Time

Side note, it’s international dog day as of the date I wrote this! That was purely coincidental but totally perfect. If you’d like to check out this game follow the Steam link below. You can download it for free right there with nothing more than a Steam account. No transaction, just download.

Thank you so much for reading I’m always creating new content, and things are getting pretty exciting here. If you enjoyed this article, please have a look around. And please come back again! Thank you!

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