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Loading Story Killed An Afternoon For Free

Today’s game, Loading Story, listed as developed by “potatodog” on Steam is a tad quirky but genuinely satisfying. It’s a very short game about a character troubleshooting a game loading error in an imaginary video game town, where the loading tube passes through.

Just wander around and solve the mystery. It’s good that it’s free because it only takes about 20-30 minutes to play, which is fine. I’ll tell you enough about it but won’t go too crazy on detailing this one, since you really should just play it.

Loading Story: Free and Fine

Just a heads up, this game has some very minor language in it, s-word dropped a few times, if people would even consider that anything, but I thought I’d mention it. Beyond that, this is a pretty cool game.

The character dialogue, although surely blasted into the void, is pretty amusing and carries well. Various typographical formats illustrated the dialogue very well. Most triple-A’s don’t even enter this punchy zaniness, but they’re here in the loaded dialogue of Loading Story. It reminds me of the indie quirk I’ve seen in so many games that one could yearn for if deprived of enough absurdity.

The game requires a keyboard and mouse, that’s it. I wouldn’t attempt to try a controller. Most of the game is some very minor puzzle-solving and interaction. There are a few mini-games to complete the story though, and they’re pretty fun.

Loading Story: And How

So, to get this, you just need to find it on Steam or Itch.IO. I’ll include both links. I won’t trouble you with too much gameplay video, because it is over before you know it! It has almost zero replay value, but that’s not a criticism. It’s cool because you don’t have to think much about obtaining it and playing it.

I think you could have fun wandering around a bit, but for the most part, just enjoy it for what it is. (By the way, this game is labeled cyberpunk. I wasn’t really noticing that, but it could be considered connected with that genre.) Here is a portion of the gameplay. I did complete the game, so no worries there, it is possible!

Welcome to the Free Game Section

So, that’s it, check out this free indie game. Love it, lurve it, it’s fun, and the devs deserve some credit for creating this fun, gorgeous world to dive into this evening. Your links are below.

Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. Please have a look around and stop by again, I updated very regularly, thanks!

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