Playing “Make The Burger” Because It Looked Cool, and it Kinda Was

Welcome to my post about Make the Burger. This game’s release date on Nintendo Switch occurred this week, although it has a presence on Steam and ItchIO as well. This is a casual food truck sim with catchy and fun pixel environments and a line-up of hungry and paying illustrated customers. Your entire success is dependent on your ability to remember ingredient symbols and who ordered them.

Take orders from customers to cook the burgers they want as accurately and quickly as possible. Upgrade your establishment each day by using funds to purchase new ingredients, furniture, and various tools of the trade. Each session starts at the beginning and it’s up to you to play as casually or seriously as you’d like.

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Getting Started with Make the Burger

Actually playing Make the Burger is fairly straightforward. The tutorial probably takes only a few minutes, but afterward, the gameplay is more dependent on memory and skill. In other words, you’re basically playing a puzzle strategy game with a burger food truck theme, which is totally fine by me really.

Whatever the extent of this game’s ingredient unlocking is, I did notice that there are even unlockable patty and bread types. Every in-game day offers new ingredients to improve your business. The continuity of the game

New players might not expect the time-attack element of this game. There is not a lot of soapbox or quirk for an indie game, but it plays just fine. Maximum replay value is simultaneously absolute and also minimal, however, as a game to fry a couple of hours on some burger truck action it is totally fine. Perhaps more depending on what kind o game you need!

Features of Make the Burger

  • Play a generated workday with random customers and unique orders
  • Unlock and play with a choice of up to 80 ingredients
  • Buy upgrades to your food truck area like chairs and tables
  • Unique and fun pixel art
  • Make your customers happy, the happier they are, the better for business
  • Move quickly to keep up with orders
  • A pleasant upbeat soundtrack

How This Game Makes Me Feel

Flipping burgers for cash is easy, and a legitimate game idea. The game is so cheap, I mean so cheap. With my eShop points, I spent $1 on this. But it was enough to have fun with, would be plenty of fun for a random Twitch stream. So, despite the score-attack impartiality, the characters’ lack of any dialogue whatsoever, and the fact I don’t even eat meat, I’m going to give it my approval.

Also, after rebooting the game, I realized that all your ingredient unlocks save each time, which is a nice incentive to return again and again. In fact, this is a solid game with a lot of charm. Definitely, for certain, good to go for your Switch or PC!

Thank You

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you’re looking for more food games, stay tuned and stay hungry, because there’s more on the way. Make sure to check out my recent glowing review on the game “Pizza Express.”

I appreciate you stopping by Mr. Dave Pizza today. Leave a comment below or interact with us on social media. Have a look around and please come back!

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