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Power Rangers Battle for the Grid is a Morphin’ Good Time

The Power Rangers Battle for the Grid DLC packs showed up on Steam today. I remembered I have been eager and hopeful about the core game which is available on Xbox Game Pass, and I knew what I had to do, review the core game!

Whatever your cultural disposition, I suspect it’s probably not hard to be aware of the Power Rangers–whatever your impression of them may be. For me, it was a show that catered to cool heroes fighting the ever-creative monsters on weekdays after school on TV!


This game made me realize how special watching this show was as a kid. Not to go full-blown nostalgia too much, but when it came to the toys, this “Morpher” belt buckle thing they sold in the 90s that I begged for was one of the coolest things ever. I was a tiny disappointed when it didn’t literally turn me into a power ranger, but it was one of my favorite toys. The masks you could get during Halloween were also incredibly immersive.

EVERYBODY wanted to be the red ranger. And then, when he was introduced in the TV show, they wanted to be the white ranger. I actually related more to Billy the blue ranger because he was a tech genius.

The shows didn’t fade out of existence by any means either. After the feature film starring that purple goop villain, the show started crossing over into all sorts of new themes. There were space rangers, jungle rangers, and all sorts of stuff.

Bangarang, 2D Fighter

This is a 2D Fighter, although more like a 2D platform with 3D models. As if I need to explain that. But anyway, there are a variety of modes to select from. Online, versus, story, arcade, training… I tried the story mode first, which was pretty good for me because it had strong storytelling mechanics.

Jason and Tommy, the red ranger and green ranger, were formidable foes in any regard, although Jason seemed to get super strength and focus a couple of rounds in. That didn’t eliminate me, but I’m not totally sure how I won. When Kimberly, the pink ranger, stepped in though, she kicked my butt! It was like a maelstrom of hurt from that pterodactyl bow.

Power Rangers Battle For the Grid “Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi!”

Personal revelation: I don’t know if Alpha 5 will ever be playable, but I think that would be hilarious. If you don’t recall, that’s the android and caretaker of Zordon’s headquarters where the rangers go to morph and talk to Zordon. I’m not really even sure if he shows up in this game, but I don’t think so, which is kind of a shame, but surely forgiveable.

Additionally, I tried some other types of gameplay like versus and arcade modes. Button mashing is one thing, but trying to legitimately act like this high-quality game is going to put up with that is a laugh. With a little practice, you might continue playing it, because let’s face it, this is extreme nostalgia-level content here. And it makes it easier to be patient during the learning curve.


I particularly enjoyed the representation of the character Goldar, one of Rita’s henchmen. I just always liked the way he looked. That was one cool thing about Power Rangers, you got to see all these gnarly monsters, but they weren’t too scary for kids.

That’s about it for Power Rangers Battle of the Grid. I can’t offer any tips on training or button combos, but if that’s your playstyle you can learn! I seriously suspect if I played this online I would get pwned by Bulk and Skull. So much solo content though, I don’t need to.

It’s available on everything including Steam as well as Xbox Gamepass. I might check out the Switch version. If you’re looking for a game with lots of replay value, check it out!

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: Final Thoughts

I did what I could. Try it yourself! It’s not bad.

Thank you for checking out MrDavePizza.com, today. This original article was a little sarcastic on my part, but it was early Dave Pizza days, which is why I’m featuring a re-write. I really just breached the surface of this game, but I encourage you to check it out, and also continue support fans and actors of this terrific series. Thanks for reading.

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