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Sky Rogue is a Unique Retro Flight Sim

When I first started reviewing games, I wrote a list of flying games that I found intriguing around the time Sky Rogue first appeared on my radar. I feel like Sky Rogue has evolved from my first perception of it though.

My own style is a bit different too since I’ve stepped out a bit more from my digital pacifism, at least on principle. Not much though. This is another game that has action-packed gameplay without being too coarse. I love Sky Rogue and I hope you will too. Let’s take a look.

Sky Rogue The Game

It’s a game about flying high res, low poly, high chiptune, and high new wave fighter jets. Blast your way through obstacle course landscapes in the sky with enemy fighters, terrestrial objective targets, and skyborne gunship-style aircraft carriers. Sounds intensive? Kinda, sorta chill too, depends on your approach!

If you’ve ever played flight-based video games, you know there are some underlying themes. Sky Rogue covers its bases with options for arcade controls or simulation style. I guess that has a lot to do with if you’re using a controller, a joystick, or a mouse and keyboard. Actually, it says so at the selection, but there it is again. I have played quite a log record of Flight Sim games, so I understand the accommodation and laud it.

Anyway, it felt really good on my DS4 controller, which is a good benchmark for general controllers (I researched this idea quite a bit, here’s a fine sample: Tech Radar DS4 Review.) The game is cross-platform, but I played it on PC which I play most of my games on–aside from my Switch.

I know I just bragged about playing lots of flight simulators, but I’m not the greatest tactician with flight games these days. I don’t really want to spin around, I want to enjoy the flight and drink my ginger ale. Again though, it does handle well. And the tutorial I played is quite straightforward as well. It did take me a moment to realize that I needed to use different missiles for the land targets, but other than that I was quite impressed with myself.

Sky Rogue has Tons of Content

As I recall now, the last time I played was a demo. That would explain why I was so enamored with the polish before my controller lost range. 5 minutes is all I need to determine everything usually anyway, so that’s totally fine. And you know I’m going to play more. I got this game as part of a bundle, so don’t sweat the nonchalance! This game is like an old friend though, and I can trust it to be there.

The videos and pictures up above are from my own session, but I highly recommend you check out this trailer as well. There’s tons of stuff in this game! As you’ll see, the varying design of levels is highly diverse too.

I guess I didn’t realize that this game came out in 2017. Woah. It looks better than ever though.

Final Thoughts

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