UFOs Miracle of the Unknown VHS Set

I Watched an Old VHS Documentary From the 80s About UFOs

Okay, it’s official, the VCR is ONLINE. This idea came to me in a late-night deep meditation. I was thinking: what can I do that’s a cut above the rest? My Ancient Aliens review was a blast. Perhaps I could find something that would be a little less obvious. So, anyway, here it is.

I got this RCA VCR on eBay as well as a few VHS tapes to test and I got started. Out of sentimentality, I am continuing the UFO theme with a two-tape set documentary called UFOs Miracle of the Unknown. It was more interesting than I had anticipated.

The Truth is Out There!

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into here, but UFOs Miracle of the Unknown was one of the first things that popped up on eBay when I was searching for ufology VHS tapes. It’s undoubtedly dated, but as fringe, as the topic is, I found the content to be fairly scientific.

Ufology and science have generally been a one-way street throughout the modern era, but the sensationalism you see in contemporary dialogues is not in here as much. I’ve listened a thousand times to UFO shows on Coast to Coast AM in the middle of the night, and amid all the “experts” on the subject, a good percentage are basically just selling books.

Anyway, it’s not my intention to get all negative. After all, we’re talking about UFOs Miracle of the Unknown.

This documentary comes from the perspective of an early 90s pre-internet landscape. This is not the era when you can pull up every UFO illustration and forgery on Google Images in a second. That said, there’s a low-key carousel of UFO photographs from the 70s up. There’s even the photo of the UFO that’s posted up on Fox Mulder’s office in X-files. Apparently, it was taken in Switzerland.

This video is basically from a peak age of UFO interest but clasps together two frameworks of reference from the past and the future. It’s a nice insight into the recent history’s version of the story before it was buried beneath mountains of clichés from the self-help market.

Insights on UFOs?

The stories iterated in this documentary are fairly familiar. Roswell, Nordics, historical influence. The thing which separates all that from the theme however is the philosophy of interstellar context. The way popular films are today, you’d think we’d already established publicly acknowledged contact. While there is plenty of suggestion that our governments may have done this–I honestly don’t know–there is a proposal that a lot of this contact has been escalated after our 20th-century cluster fudge.

This seems kind of reasonable. The atomic age opened up a highly accelerated path to self-conscious terrestrially, and in the space age, extraterrestrially–at least about our new ability to view the Earth from space. It is all very weird when you think about it, all these things that have happened in our recent history, but here we are and yeah, it does seem like our context in the universe is evolving.

A wise aspect of this documentary was its consistent rhetoric that interplanetary visits are perfectly possible scientifically and maintain the social gray areas of how we interact with it. This reminds me of something I saw in that 60 Minutes documentary recently about the EAPs where the pilot said that these incidents occur every single day.

It’s kind of mind-blowing, yet shrouded in mystery. Why? Is this really happening at all? Why wouldn’t it be? Why would it be? I just don’t know. I hope I never see a UFO honestly, although I have seen strange things in the sky from time to time. It all sounds very exciting but on a personal level…? Nuh-uh, not interested, creepy, weird. Fun to think about I guess. Maybe that’s all it will ever be.

UFOs Miracle of the Unknown: End of Tape

I guess my review of UFOs Miracle of the Unknown was kind of brief. I had a little trouble focusing on it since I was going bananas trying to figure out how to perfect the image from the VCR. However, I should definitely mention that there are two types in this documentary, From Legend to Reality and Above Top Secret. The first is more historic and the second is more political.

I want to do more of these. Not necessarily on UFOs, but I’m fairly open to the idea of doing more. It was an unearthed gem, and I’m glad I went through with it. I like the challenge of hunting down videos and taking the time to write about them.

If you liked reading this article or others on my site, feel free to look around and read as much as you like. I write this blog as a hobby but I fully intend to get serious as time goes on. I review indie games, videos, and comics now, so I think there’s something for everyone.

Thank you so much for reading MrDavePizza.com. Thanks for stopping by and please come back.

P.S. I did just learn that Questar is still producing documentaries and has tons of videos for purchase on their website. This is not a sponsored link, just sharing the info.

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