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Wild Dive is A Pretty Cool Free 3D Runner Game

Hello friends. Today I’m reviewing a really brief but beautiful and fun game called Wild Dive. You may have noticed some changes around here in content and how often I’m posting. No worries, this is still a regular blog, only I’ve been spending a little more of the time I allot for it on cosmetic aspects of the site and refining older posts.

I’m not done yet, but it’s getting there. I also am working on some new topics such as my Movies & TV section. It’s not all about being popular for me, but I know most of you are here for the games, so let’s go for it. Wild Dive is a well-received free runner game recently released on Steam that is making people wonder if there’s more of this very brisk but super fun game.

Definitely Intriguing

Alright, I just used a ton of time to try and explain things not related to the game. Wild Dive is a runner on Steam that takes place in the jungle with a cast of birds and a young ferret dressed as a bird named Weasley. It’s his first day learning to fly, and that’s where you come in. Run through the jungle and jump from Donkey Kong board tracks and try not to fall down to the jungle floor.

The graphics are actually beautiful for this free game. There has been a vibe for me recently of just really digging frugal indie games with mind-blowing graphics. Much of this is going on on Twitter.

It is a very challenging game but within the realm of possibility. I regret to admit that I couldn’t figure out how to progress to the next level. The first track was fairly simple, but then I found myself crawling through some sort of mini-track. Hands up, I don’t really know. I may have not invested enough patience into the 5-minute test I admit, but there’s a disparity between what I figured out and clips from this trailer.

Jungles, Deserts, and More?

Yeah, so I see all this stuff, which appears to be a pretty vast circuit of tracks. I’m not sure if these are already in the game, but I’m guessing they are since this is a 4 GB game! I am thinking this is more of a ported-to English preview instead of a full game.

Anyway, it’s intriguing. I have not seen such fun-looking race tracks since Skylanders. I hope that there is more development on this game and that I can soon beat the next level because it’s challenging enough to warrant my attention.

Wild Dive: Remarks

Just a quick one here. Short and sweet. I appreciate you stopping by MrDavePizza.com. There is plenty of content for you to explore. Look around and read as much as you want, it’s free!

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