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Princess Farmer is a Unique and Colorful Indie Out Now

Princess Farmer is essentially a complex row-matching game, mixed with some RPG and storytelling elements. With some pixel graphics and a cozy story about bunnies, it’s a lot of fun. The style is pink and indie in the best way, and it is fun just to look at. Whatever your first impressions are, the bunny protagonist and characters in the story are quite the departure from your typical adventure. The indie soundtrack is also incredibly suited. In addition to that, the game is actually really pleasant to play. And it is totally sophisticated enough for any player open to the cozy genre.

Princess Farmer was almost a breath of fresh air after trudging dark dungeons of octane everywhere else. Why I needed to make that comparison I don’t know, but here I am a couple of years later after I first wrote this review, and it’s almost as if this game had set a precedent. I’m actually not too much into the antithesis of this genre either way, but it helps to set the theme aside and regroup. This might be a nice game to take you to your own happy place for a while. I’ve been in that situation–can’t sleep, too much coffee, weird house noises. Why not take a break and spend some time with your garden-harvesting bunny friends? You can play whatever you want. That’s honestly how I feel about Princess Farmer.

Princess Farmer
Princess Farmer

Going Down the Rabbit Hole in Princess Farmer

A brief synopsis for cohesiveness. “Princess Farmer” is a bunny who harvests vegetables. She is imbued with special powers from Mother Gaia, another bunny. Harvest the vegetables in the right order to match them up and complete levels. It’s kind of a rogue-like Candy Crush that’s more pixelated and indie. Currently, you might compare the game to RPG’s like Peglin, although it stands in a class of its own just fine. The game is pretty forgiving in terms of whether you’re playing it “correctly.” I guess I’m not sure if I even understood what I was doing so much in the demo back then, although it’s clearer for fans of the puzzle genre. If you have played a match-3 or any of those matching games before, you can play this. The tutorial is completely sufficient for the entirety of the game.

There is actually still a demo for this game, but since I first wrote this article in 2021, the game has been fully released on basically every console, and honestly, it was kind of a totally random low key game for me to feature here, but I don’t regret it. These developers really took the concept to town in the end, and it’s a really worthy contribution to gamers of this genre and audience. Anyway, don’t mind me, just cleaning the back halls here, I’ve got all sorts of reviews on my page besides this one. More game reviews at Here is a link to the game on Steam Store

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