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Say No! More is a Hilarious N64 Style Indie gem

Say No! More is a super funny, narrative-driven comedy office sim. These office sims have been coming out of the walls lately, but this game is one of the most hilarious out there. It uses an experimental “combat” system, where you start a job as an intern at a big company, then, thanks to a motivational cassette tape, take over the compliance-enforced company with the powerful magic word: NO!

I snagged this game on sale and played through it to give you my own first-hand account of how it is. It’s a great game, not just for the mechanics or art style, but also because it is incredibly unique and provides a commentary on something that is as relevant as metaphorical. I’ll give you the details here.

N64 Graphics Are High-Brow Art Here

Say No! More exceeds my earlier expectations. The colorful low-poly graphics and hilarious characters make gameplay a breeze. There is really not too much complexity in the controls, since you are essentially on a track throughout your office building, but there are a number of ways you dip out of the routine and experience new areas of the game.

You learn to say no to your co-workers in a variety of ways that are quite hilarious, from a lazy no to a wacky no. These abilities unlock as you progress through the story. Even from the beginning, you can play Say No! More in several different languages! This game is very thoughtful if giving you some options but not being too difficult. It’s a nice balance.

So, let me tell you about the story. I’ll make one brief comparison and move on from it. This game is slightly like the low-poly dungeon office sim Going Under. It is zany and silly in its own ways though. In Say No! More the enemies will pretty much always cower under your negative propagation no matter where you are or who it is. In the same respect, the game gives you a feeling of control and options in how you want things to go.

You actually have some choices in how speedy or patient you want to be in Say No! More. At one point in the game, I was forced into politely accepting an invitation to lunch in the park with my co-workers, which was a rare exception. One of the first yes’s in my entire session. It turns out to be really pleasant and amusing part of the game. This doesn’t have to be a carnival bullseye game, you can take your time and listen to every request if you want, or you can spam NO in a whirlwind of collapsing co-workers.


Say No! More goes beyond some conceptual project though. The creators took this idea to the top. When you fight your way through several tiers of management, things just get more and more ridiculous in the best way. The “Say Yes! More” gameshow competition has a notable twist. Even when characters are incredibly absurd or annoying, the game stays fresh and overlooks nothing in the intern’s domination at all costs. And when things start to get heavy, the strongman motivational speaker from your cassette deck tells you all the way to say no and take names!

I’m not going to jump out of the self-marketing charade and say I know all about this or anything because it is surely an exaggeration of many workplaces–to an extent. But I am familiar with the experience of working somewhere and morale being undervalued. I love Office Space, Fight Club, and similar films quite a bit. Some jobs can be a dull grind unless you have some narrative keeping your brain occupied. Most people can’t afford the luxury of saying “no!” to their overseers though, which is why these stories and games are, in one way, therapeutic, and fairly popular.


Say No! More is a really special game. It is human, genuine, hilarious, and worth the coin. There are 8 Chapters altogether. If you’re looking for a game to make you laugh and want to take a stab at being a pro-noir, this is a game for you. This game is entertaining yes, but also has a good message about setting boundaries. If you don’t know what they are, you need to, and this game can help.

Thanks so much for reading I’ve been getting a lot of positive responses from people acknowledging my effort to have consistent content. I’ll be here most weekdays, so be sure to stop by again, and while you’re here, please have a look around!

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