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If You Like Starship Troopers and Anime, Check out Stories From Sol

Stories From Sol: Part 1 Gun-Dog is a new game entering onto the scene. It’s a hard space sci-fi story, a genre not without a plentiful fandom, although this sneak peek led me mostly through sharp comedic timing and even a romantic interest?

Looks pretty cool. Please note that not only is this a demo, but it also’s part one of the whole story, so if you enjoy it, make the dev know so with a comment on their ItchIO. Or drop by our tweet on Twitter as well.

Let’s take a look.

This game is available on Itch.IO

Genre: Visual Novel/Interactive Fiction

What We Know About Stories From Sol: Part 1 Gun-Dog So Far

The UI and monochrome color pixel interface looks like something from an old DOS game to me, which appears to be correct. Apparently, we’re dealing with a format attuned to a PC-9800, a 1983 Japanese model that runs localized versions of MS-DOS and Windows. Okay, we’re going deep cut here I guess.

Though the sound is sparse in the intro, the sound and music that are there are quite delightful. I enjoyed the smooth pallet of olive green and tinny explosions. As mostly an addendum to my YouTube Video, I made it through the first few sections of the story, but I liked what I saw.

Story Elements of Stories From Sol

Interactive elements are few at first, but soon your deep into the game’s PC user interface which lights up with new options. Areas of your environment that will light up as you drag over them, which I thought was a pretty great concept.

For reference, the Gun-Dog is actually the ship in Stories from Sol you are stationed on. It’s rather big, and most (all?) of the story takes place on this ship, with the reach of my preview we’ll see, or perhaps yourself. You will undoubtedly see just how much you can explore on your first trip to the bridge, where interacting with an old friend unlocks so much potential for more exploration.

Check This One Out

Overall, this interactive fiction has a lot too offer in thematic elements, game interface, and the promise of development from its creators. I encourage you to check out the YouTube video up above if this seems like something you wnat to know more about. And of course I have a link to the game below. Thank you so much for reading

P.S. Don’t skip out on MDP’s marvelous visual novel section:


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