Weaving Tides is a Hidden Gem I Played

Weaving Tides sits comfortably in a genre of its own. Unlock a world map woven together through magic threads. You’ll ride upon friendly creatures known as carpet dragons and weave new threads to move forward.

With brilliant surface-swapping mechanics that allow you to traverse impossible terrain, exquisite graphics, and smooth gameplay this is surely a work of art as much as a playable game. The artistic aspects of Weaving Tides are exquisite. You can just feel the silky textures of the world as you traverse, feeling perhaps you are enchanted, or simply on a very fine adventure.

In collaboration with Indie Game Collective and Follow the Feathers, let me present Weaving Tides.

What Is Weaving Tides About?

I have been getting a particular knack for puzzle games the more I do this. Most puzzle games adhere to certain patterns of spatial reasoning. Once you develop an intuition for it, you can jump into most games and get going. And so, Weaving Tides feels about the right level of complexity for me.

I may be presenting you with a totally new experience, or maybe you’re already knee-deep. Wherever you’re at, this game is a bit challenging, but every enigma has a solution. Soon, diving into the underside of floating maps to emerge past obstacles feels second nature. After that, just sit back and enjoy the dazzling visuals.

The wholesome characters in Weaving Tides are a delight that you’ll surely want to explore. In addition to origin stories and general advice, there are merchants and trainers that can help your character abilities grow. A certain flock of un-weavers for lack of a better word dismantle the fabric of the world, which certainly rustles the neighbors, but is mostly just another puzzle.

Features of Weaving Tides

  • Dive into an enchanting, woven world and reveal secret pathways.
  • Stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape and wrap up your foes using your Weaver’s unique stitching abilities.
  • Solve tricky textile puzzles which are scattered across the world.
  • Conquer Zelda-like dungeons but beware of their fearsome guardians!
  • Befriend three different Weavers, and choose the one that fits your playstyle.
  • Outfit your Weavers with mystic embroideries to enhance their abilities.
  • Uncover hidden mysteries packed in a charming story.
  • Get creative and stitch freely in the Playgrounds mode.

Generally, this is a wholesome feel-good game. It is extremely satisfying to watch the carpet dragons stitch puzzles and transport you through the glistening silk textiles in the world. Also, there is not a standard world throughout the game, but rather a collection of areas that range from desert aesthetics to green plant kingdoms. And it all feels so nice to look at. It’s as if all the beautiful backgrounds of your favorite RPGs were rounded up and spun into the main story that’s mostly made of fabric! So far, as I play, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Some Words on Obstacles

I learned something about this game shortly after I started playing it. When you reach your first brick wall, take a look around. See if there are any clues that can help guide your path. Here’s one, lighter-colored tiles can be dived under to clear gates. Second, dash and dive sometimes provide enough momentum to clear a stubborn gate, just make sure you dive while still above the cloth but close enough to the tile. Also, not only can you clear enemies with a simple wipe of your thread trail, you can spam your thread to quickly clear up patches and collect credits.

If you just keep experimenting you will figure out most obstacles and puzzles. Here’s some gameplay from my sit-down with it, but if you need help there are many resources on the web.

Final Thoughts

One other thing to mention here. There is a feature of the game called playgrounds where you can stitch art basically. This is kind of like creative mode on other games where the mechanics can be a form of expression. This is very nice for the game to provide because it is abundantly rich in ultra-creative beautiful environments and soothing gameplay. If you’re fond of such features, check it out!

I think this game needs to start rocketing through new players because it is truly a significant work of art. Everything you’ve been playing in indie games might be blown away by the brilliance and subtlety of this concept. You’re all getting really creative out there though people! Keep it up!

Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. Currently pushing out new reviews 4 days a week, so be sure to stop back regularly. You can pretty much find a good game to play anywhere on this site because I am trying them all! Please come back and do look around!

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