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Alpaca Ball: All Stars is Free on Nintendo Switch

Alpaca Ball is about having fun. It’s exactly what you need it to be. A game about alpacas playing soccer, I mean football, I mean ball, or maybe Europe is starting to call it soccer, or maybe they only call it that because of Americas–wait, where is this game from? There’s Spanish music and the first level is Machu Picchu, which is in Peru, but the developers are in Austria, and the game is English. No worries.


Alpaca Ball Ready
What a cuddly buddy

I was really interested in the game since the beginning. First of all, I love games that involve humor. In fact, games with humor is a major selling point for me. I don’t mind seriousness for atmospherics. I don’t have enough emotional reserves to offer to games that want me to be scared or obsessed these days, but I don’t know.

This review is getting way too serious. Okay, so you can really jump right into this game, another selling point. There is a brief training level and then after you’ve got the controls down, you can start playing soccer as alpacas. 7 Way To Tell The Difference Between An Alpaca and a Llama.

Alpaca Ball: This Game is Hilarious

Alapaca Ball Map
Leon is so chill

I haven’t dived into the story of this game much. It might have one? I walked into the water and rowed a boat for about 3 minutes and it didn’t stop. It’s cool, I rowed back. The match is the main event, but there is a story and very entertaining characters who are also alpacas. You can either jump in with Play or do the Career. This work similar to mechanics in other games. I played this on the Nintendo Switch because it really suits it. It is available on Steam or eShop, and is controller friendly. It might be available on keyboard, but I don’t think I’d want to play it that way. I’m really more predisposed to controllers anyway.

The main mechanic in this game that is essentially the crux of its creation, is the physics of playing soccer as an alpaca and ,with that, the chaotic learning curve of using an alapaca (with their very long necks) to bop a soccer ball into the opposing teams goal. You can play it as single player or multiplayer. I think it would be funner as multiplayer, but as you see above this review: “Lonely” Geek is my self appointed nomenclature.

Alpaca Ball Soccer
Will you win?


Yes, you will win. It is often a close match based partially on lucky breaks as a CPU battler. The CPU matches are definitely developed with an enjoyable artificial intelligence that will last me for ages. I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to think about getting Nintendo Online. Either way is fine.

I have won plenty of games today, since it came out, but enough to keep me on my hooves and keep interested. The only stressors were when I kept accidentally banging my poor alpaca’s head into the stadium’s metal field edges on one arena. It’s interesting that this mechanic was left in. It’s the small things though, isn’t it? Yes it is.

It’s a great game! Check it out on Nintendo Switch or Steam. It’s currently free there. It’s also MacOS compatible.

This was one of my first ever reviews, but I still remember how fun this game is. If you’d like to read about more topics have a look around. Thanks for stopping reading!

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