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Random Free JAM Games: Daydream (Kowzak)

Daydream is a simple keyboard controller platformer made for an ItchIO Dev jam. The protagonist is a woman on a bus daydreaming out the window, as you control one of three recurring daydreams, jumping over obstacles and creatures and avoiding water. It varies from creative to bizarre.

I know it seems like I’m just picking these games randomly, but the purpose is to provide inspiration for whatever I need to work on next and provide a nice gesture toward all those talented solo devs out there.

Gameplay of Daydream is Simple and Elegant

Nothing too serious here, just a free game, standing in front of a blog, wondering what to play. There were a few runners-up today, but this was released 12 hours ago, so for the sake of authenticity, this is today’s latest free game.

Oddly, down the road here, I’ve remembered certain things about this game. The way it seemed to promise a transition into the next level but is actually more of a looped interactive screensaver that is very chill and very simple.

That said, some great pixel art ideas here. Take note of the lilypads and musical environment effects if you’d like.

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The truth of this was I was away from my gaming system for a little bit and I had to play some games on my phone and laptop that were indie, per the current theme, and necessary for me to keep things flowing here on the site. That said, was happy to find this game and encourage you to checkout their itchio.

In the meantime, I’ll be checking out more freebies and looking for whatever I can find, and also, as the path goes, creating great and more in-depth articles for all types of gamers.

Thanks so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. If you liked this article, please bookmark our page and come back again or take a look around the site. Enjoy your games.

Find the game here:

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