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I’ve Been Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Easy Mode and it’s GREAT!

So, it’s finally here: Hogwarts Legacy. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for Potterheads since, well, pretty much always honestly. But it’s finally here, isn’t it? Something that once we ruminated on as a possibility actually exists now. I grabbed a little bit of gameplay way back in February, wondering if the storytelling was going to be up to par. Since then, I’ve picked it up again on console and I played it for several hours–and got into some of the real fiber of the game. I have to say that it is quite good honestly. If you ever dreamed of calling Hogwarts home, Hogwarts Legacy fulfills that dream. In addition, the game mechanics, skillsets, and achievement-hunting systems are superb in making you feel that your yearning to explore has value–tangible rewarded value.

What to Expect-o

There is indeed a very exciting adventure in store for us with Hogwarts Legacy. It takes place in an entirely vast wizarding world, the in-game map has geographical coverage much beyond the walls of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade–you are in for a show.

It predates even Fantastic Beasts, with a circa 1800s world for its story. One thing is for certain, it was long before Harry, Ron, and Hermione came onto the scene–although the game hints and foreshadows some elements of the latter Harry Potter days which you’ll surely notice if you’ve followed the franchise. Mostly, however, this is an entirely new world with an entirely new cast and universe. You do not have to read Harry Potter to play Hogwarts Legacy (but it helps as the adage goes.) So take a swig of your butterbeer or pumpkin juice, and let’s explore.

From Portkey Games.

Revelio–And Other Habits of Highly Succesful Wizards and Witches

Elements of the Harry Potter canon contain some consistent flashbacks to witch/wizard history that are timeless in the context of British myth, folklore, and fantasy–although this universe is restrained to Anglo origins. Thankfully most of the nostalgia is still here, even a good old reference to Ollivanders Wand Shop which I enjoyed experiencing first hand quite a bit.

The game starts with a dramatic and unexpected detour sending you deep into a mystery before you even set foot at Hogwarts. The protagonist, you, are imbued with a natural ability to see ancient magic. This is key to most of the plot, as I’ve explored thus far. Your story is guided deeper into this mystery by your mentor Professor Fig. Teachers in Hogwarts Legacy have an important, and traditional role in your education at Hogwarts. As you get to know them more, they will guide you on your path to becoming a great wizard and tackling dark foes.

I absolutely love the ability to learn new information in Hogwarts Legacy. One of your most important spells in the game is “revelio.” Cast as easily as most of the other spells, you can reveal hidden information about objects, obstacles, and even the decor of the Hogwarts castle. You may be inclined to wander around Hogwarts just to learn more about the complex and heartfelt commitment to the lore of the wizarding world. It’s also vital in solving puzzles and investigating secrets.

Other Revelations in Hogwarts Legacy

You might know that J.K. Rowling maintains a virtual archive of Wizarding World canon that has shown up all over the place from films to other Potter games. It is the rubric that makes the game lore stay coherent and consistent without constantly contradicting itself. Not to say it hasn’t happened…

Hogwarts Legacy: Official Trailer

Portkey has said the game is supported by Rowling, but also very much independently created. So far, I have not seen any conflict with this. Without exploiting the topic, I feel comfortable saying that the developers have opened their hearts in trying to help ALL players feel accepted in Hogwarts Legacy, so don’t let it stop you. This game is available on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation, and PC. Some people have said Switch is unlikely, but only time will tell (winding up time turner now.) I also have another article on the LEGO Harry Potter series years 1-7 at this link., if that interest you Thanks for reading MrDavePizza.com

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