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Still Dropping into Minecraft to Check on my Farm

Ah, yes, a glorious sunrise in Minecraft valley amongst the idling cattle, rolling waters, and orange pattern of rain among my hermitic existence in the randomly generated terrain. For the record, I don’t totally remember exactly what it was that I set out to do to do with all this stuff.

There is definitely stuff in this game though–glorious stuff!

First off, relax. Also, if you need to relax you might want to try creative mode when you first start the game. There are two modes, survival, and creativity. Survival includes fleeing and thumping creatures with sticks of all sorts, while the creative mode is for strolls along the beach–while rebuilding an exact replica of the Starship Enterprise out of blocks and that sort of thing.

Why Minecraft Keeps People Interested

There are copious populations of Minecraft fans that play this game every. single. day.

This game is huge! Literally and figuratively. One reason this game has been so successful I think is because if you look beyond the cubes, or maybe embrace the cubes, you can pretty much do everything in this game. It has content for strategy, casual play, farming, artistic, social gamers, and roleplaying. There’s an amusing scene in Ready Player One, in the movie as well as the book, where a nod to James Halliday’s Minecraft World exists in his digital universe, Oasis. Yes, this game was in a major motion picture.

In the survival version, you must quickly create a barricade out of some materials of your choosing. Otherwise, you’ll be head-to-head with some rapscallion creatures of the night. I personally find this option kind of creepy although it is more engaging and probably a majority of what people play unless they’re creating art; but it doesn’t matter you can do anything, it’s up to you! That’s the beauty of Minecraft.

Also, if you want to go survival mode there is a vast weapon crafting system allowing you to combat heaps of mobs for reward. The more exotic materials you collect and craft, the more sturdy your gear becomes. Last I heard diamond is one of the toughest materials you can find. And you find the diamonds by mining into the Earth. You can also create tools this way for mining the earth. Or you can even make tools out of wood. You start the game with nothing but yourself. Do you see how this is all tying together?

Minecraft For The Times

The creators of Minecraft figured out something very early on in its development. If you make the mechanics for a game so simple that they seem primitive, you can actually make them very, very, very open to new interpretations. I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff: miles of rollercoasters slide through lava-dripping caves and then up into the atmosphere. Complicated virtual circuit configurations with lever-based networks. There’s even a project to recreate a scaled representation of the planet Earth! Wow!

Somewhat recently, a totally new Minecraft concept was released on console and PC called Minecraft Dungeons. It is a dungeon crawler RPG that takes place in the Minecraft universe. I totally intend to try this. I don’t always gravitate to this type of game, but it just seems inviting and fun to look at.

Whether You Play Or Not, Minecraft Is Here to Stay

If you’re ready to take on the world of Minecraft, I wish you well! It could last hours, days, years, or minutes. You will have the sound of punching dirt in your head for days after your first go.

Not everything is certain at first. If you do need help figuring parts of it out, I highly recommend The Official Minecraft Wiki. I just wanted to do my part here by telling you my stance on Minecraft. It’s a brilliant concept and I think it’s going to stick around. You can find it on most platforms, which are all perfectly suitable. I encourage you to try it once though, this game is an epic classic.

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