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Inkbound is a Fantastic Indie MMO & Magical Rogue-Like You’ll Love!

MMORPGs get tossed into the indie content spin room all the time these days, generally with a slight irreverence. Inkbound is different though, it has A LOT of potential. I sat down with the game at my PC to test out a new character in this magical book-themed MMO. Is Inkbound actually “a world” yet? Yes–and a plentiful one–which I’m still exploring the depths of.

A couple of important facts: This early access is available through Steam on Windows. It IS online, it IS an MMO, you can play with other players, but you don’t have to… Also, like most MMOs it utilizes keyboard and mouse support. It is a turn-based game though, but if you want to keybind it to a controller, that probably wouldn’t hurt. This game is being developed by the studio Shiny Shoe, makers of the classic game Monster Train.

Yes the books are there, but it’s more connected with the artistic spirit of games like Bastion and Hades. I couldn’t help but think of Culkin in the 90’s cartoon masterpiece Pagemaster though honestly. I’ll take you through a guide of what’s available here in the early access. I did not ply a key out of a dev for this one, I just bought it because I wanted to play it and I’ve been thinking about it since it hit Steam.

First Impressions in the Tutorial of Inkbound

I started off in a non-descript void being lead through a path of basic mechanics in the tutorial. I liked the way this was done, and even though the game is new and this was a void, it looked pretty good. Bin and Nib are two fully voice-acted guides of sorts. They explain that I, a new hero, am a “needless” and only because of others will I have potential as a member of this slightly bizarre magical book universe. After a couple of quick tutorial battles, Bin and Nib decided I at least deserved a chance to choose an aspect (a class basically.) So I did.

Becoming an Aspect

There are currently three aspects to choose from. A sort of volcanic warrior, a rogue druid, and a magical weaver. I went with the weaver, which ended up being a great choice for me, since I generally choose mage or wizard in all games–plus I’ve long been a tailor profession mage in another MMO as well! Additionally: there is a screen for character customization. It’s very pleasant and creative.

After my selection, I was sent straight to a placeless and timeless library. The whole extent of this library is unknown to me. It looks totally amazing when explored, but also offers a wealth of portals through book gates into different themed environments with their own quests and wonders–I believe these worlds all take place in their own instance. So, at the request of a tall stately wizard librarian who stands just outside the first gate and seems to be some sort of keeper of the library.

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The Combat in Inkbound

The otherworldly lands accessed through the portal are very colorful and exciting. Wherever you go there is no lack of rewards, stockpiles, or interactions to be had. Just keep in mind, this is a rogue-like–the kind where combat is the focus (which is turn-based by the way, something I’ve started to love quite a bit.( There are also prompts for collecting and finishing quests. I found the combat to be pretty interesting as a weaver. I could thread enemies around me in the combat rings, and then cast a web of damage all at once.

The first couple of battles were mob groups, and the last one was a big boss with tons of HP who controlled the smaller mobs. The creatures seem well illustrated, animated and the sound effects are great.

After a few battles I had enough for my first impressions lets play video, and I was starting to get the hang of things. It wasn’t too hard to need to start over, but that was fine by me. After I was defeated in battle there was a fantastic panel that came up with TONS of abilities, perks, skills, and more to acquire for my visual enjoyment. I am so excited to see what’s going on in the rest of this game as I play. Clearly this is not a short lived game, and I’m really looking forward to exploring it more as I have intended.

YouTube Video of My Inkbound Let’s Play

Yep, I still like Books, Wizards, Indie Games, and Cartoony Graphics

This early access looks so promising. By the way, the developers continue to update the game, and it’s a great time to get started. I feel others did too, because when I was in the library I frequently saw other players running around who had acquired new gear and were off to new adventures. There is a co-op party system but you don’t have to play co-op.

I did note that the game ran fairly smooth–I had a little bit of clipping on my character a few times, but I plan to report it to the devs, because otherwise Inkbound is so good. I love Inkbound. I decided that I wasn’t going to subscribe to MMO’s for a while, and just use the funds to play more indies with the features I like. I’m quite proud of this idea, so thank you very much to myself!

Anyway, that’s it on this review. If you want to check out Inkbound, it’s on Steam for Windows. Make sure to watch the let’s play video embedded in this article if you want to see my first reaction. I appreciate you reading Please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything you’re playing that you want the world to know about. Or simply share your dev, I honestly don’t mind. Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy your games. I enjoyed this one.

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