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Travellers Rest Has All I Want in an Innkeeping Sim

Grab your mop, bring your Stardew Valley membership card, and head into olden times with Travellers Rest. Yes, I literally just started this game, so I’ll continue to update this as time goes on, but I’m already hooked. I do in fact still love that old classic Stardew Valley, a basic grounding point for this game. But I have also enjoyed the medieval theme of RPG’s for a long time.

The concept is about the same in some ways, especially visually, but self-reliance as a medieval innkeeper is the hook that brought me to Travellers Rest. I hope to share with you some of the features of the game without being too brash before I’ve even played the game a ton, but you need to know about this game. Note: This game is currently in early access, but is quite fleshed out.

Where and What is Travellers Rest?

The game begins inside a stark tavern, with an empty bar, a couple of other rooms, and a mission to move a table. Okay, that’s not exactly the action I was going for. What you should know though is the tutorial tips are great, and you’ll feel like some observant eye is guiding you through every step in an understandable way. It takes some orienting at first to get down the controls, such as the decoration mode–which is actually great though needs to enabled at the right times and other times disabled. Once you start to get a grip on the controllers though, you’ll be running your livelihood with skill in no time.

After a little orientation you’re ready to open up the bar–wait for it–to serve gruel. Don’t worry though, despite the lower class associated with this dish, these are paying customers piling in! And once you’ve secured a bit of coin, you can upgrade to porridge and grog! Great, now we’re getting somewhere. As you can predict, this tier system of foods and beverages expands and helps you profit the longer you play.

Actually, everything improves, and by the time you’re even past your second night at the tavern you’ll head on out the front door to start expanding your business in more ways than you can imagine. THIS GAME IS HUGE. Even a slight detour will teach you about this interesting video game vision–and naturally it is always being developed. It also happens to have a pretty active player community.

Press Images of Travellers Rest

Why Am I So Excited about Travellers Rest?

As I mentioned, I’ve always been a pretty big fan of RPGs and the general medieval theme. However, the genre tends to be rooted in heavy combat and seldom a detour into the domestic aspects of that culture. That’s understandable, that’s the nature of that genre. But it’s always fun when I get to play something sort of cozy to focus on the other aspects like professions. And that’s what Travellers Rest does. The grog and porridge of the tavern simulation’s beginnings are even treated with a softer touch than usual. Almost instantly, you represent a compassionate force in your simulated but cozy society.

In addition to innkeeping, there are tons of crafting options. Players have described spending tons of time working on their skills and expanding their inn with these not only vast but fun in-game systems. You start by cutting down trees and mill them (they grow back.) You can also mine ore and smelt it to make tools. There’s also building, decorating, cooking, and brewing. Not to mention a HUGE farming system apparently. And the game dares to promise some expression of magic int he gameplay too. These are the types of gameplay offerings that a game like this really benefits by giving to players.

My Let’s Play Video

Check This One Out

You really don’t need to know too much about Travellers Rest to see it has some awesome ideas. I never stopped being excited about it from beginning to the time I took a break to tell you about it really. This game is available on steam for PC. It is early access, so it’s basically still in development, but has a thriving community and a very cohesive playability still. There is no demo, so this is something that’s useful to know.

I intend to explore more of this one and possibly share updates on my experience with it. It’s one of those games I can already see getting more and more credibility, because it’s such a fun idea. I hope you enjoyed this article and content I have produced about Travellers Rest. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions on the game. There are tons of articles on good indie games here, so please look around, and be sure to check out the YouTube Channel. Thanks so much for reading

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