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Jack Move is High Energy Fun With Cyberpunk Thrills

I’d brushed the proximity of Jack Move several times this year. Seeing it here, seeing it there, probably even passing up a demo. When I just had to have the Tactics and RPG turn-based bundle from Humble Bundle this month, I got a chance to play it. Turns out Jack Move, the pixel graphic cyberpunk RPG, is a fantastic, well-paced and interesting adventure.

Here are my first impressions of the game along with sentiments from the community. Let me just start by saying Jack Move stands tall amongst other turn-based combat games by being full of action yet having a cool story with casual, emotional depth. Jack Move places you as a cool, likeable protagonist who can hold her own in combat and tactically obliterate corporate-scum with style. This game really took me by surprise.

Developer: So Romantic
Release Date: September 8th, 2022
Genre: Turn-Based, Cyberpunk JRPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac

What Is a Jack Move?

Despite some investigation, I’m not sure the title is derived from any external source outside of in-game content for the game Jack Move. Here’s what a “jack move” in the game is though. Being a turn-based JRPG, you select attack moves and some energies drain while others build. When the yellow JM (jack move) bar is filled, you get a really powerful cybernetic attack that generally takes down any enemy, or at the least significantly depletes them. Combat is pretty fun in Jack Move, and as a first impression I felt the battles were challenging without being too obstructive, which is good because the game has a pretty interesting story.

The game is promoted as a “bite-sized game,” which makes sense since the game completion time is around 7-10 hours, pretty short for a commercial game, but totally fine by me. Progress in Jack Move involves working as Noa Solares and her work partner, Ryder, who live in Monocity One, a corporate controlled dystopia basically. The story turns from a regular techno job into a story involving Noa’s parents and the higher-ups at Monomind.

Screenshots from Jack Move

How Uniquely Cyberpunk Is It?

I’ve read a lot of cyberpunk fiction and played a lot of cyberpunk games. While many use the same tropes, if you don’t include some variation you’ll fade into the crowd as a storyteller. I think the characters, especially Noa and Ryder, are what make the game playable during my first impressions. They’re not too gritty, but they’re real, and JRPGs need slightly quirky charm for its characters to stand out in that genre too. This is here. The other thing which really helps in this game is the pixel art style. I am constantly amazed by pixel artists, and always return for more in games. In Jack Move, the graphics nailed it.

As typical, but traditional, in the cyberpunk genre, the story’s task of the cyberpunk anti-hero/criminal taking down the oppressive corporation is the main plot of the story. Expect black suits, corporate police and evil executives that supersede the legal powers of real police. It probably sounds a little dark, but the game has a light, fun vibe. The objectives seem manageable for me as well–since I’m mostly here for the art and stories for the most part. I’ve become quite a fan of turn-based JRPGs though too, and it’s a great mechanic for cyberpunk or fantasy stories.

Should You Buy, Claim, or Whatever to Get Jack Move?

Yes, the game stands up! It’d be a great way to spend the weekend or even day just to soak in this neon light delight. If it didn’t strike me right I probably wouldn’t even take the time to write about it here. It holds up great on Steam reviews and just all around too. I really like this game, and I feel l could stand behind the characters and their personality.

I’m not exactly sure what twists and turns are next after this, but my gaming palate was cleansed by Jack Move. I have a lot of cyberpunk games on my site, so if games like this interest you, you can see how I appreciate them too! Anyway, that’s it, thanks for checking out this review! Make sure to watch the let’s play video above for more coverage of the game. And thanks for reading MrDavePizza.com. Enjoy your games!

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