Mago is a Colorful SNES Style Indie Platformer About a Sorcerer

Let’s take a look at Mago: The Villain’s Burger.

It’s filled with so many fun easy-to-learn but masterable abilities and unique mechanics that you just don’t find in every game. The best way to understand it is most likely visually, but today I’ll be talking about why Mago is a promising look at how its developers are creating something that is, possibly, capable of going big if they wish.

So, let’s get started.

This game is available on Steam.

Mago: The Villain’s Burger is an adventure set in a world populated by fresh NES sprites and joyful playful storytelling. It is your responsibility as Mago (which is a perfect name for a sorcerer) to rescue the princess and do heroic things.

Getting Started With Mago: The Villain’s Burger

There’s not a lot of background given in the background story of Mago, simply that he is a sorcerer who ate a villain’s burger and now has to make his way through a map of mob-populated levels. Kinda ridiculous, but honestly, it’s enough to have a laugh. Players are taken from getting the hang of moving around and moving along paths, then right away into what I love, which is the game’s charming bird transformation mechanic.

I seriously loved this with all my heart. Become a person-sized bluebird that rushes through the level automatically and passes through wing emblems to boost your speed so you can soar over obstacles.

Okay, so good does it look? Take a look at these screenshots. There are more on the Steam page, but doesn’t this look great? (Answer: It does.)

I just love the color schemes, delicious art, and splashy jubilant sound effects/music. It really does feel like an old NES game that’s wise to the ways of new but also seasoned gamers. I’m not totally sure if this is all translatable, but when I first saw this I thought: what the heck, why is this game so fun and beautiful?

Features of Mago: The Villain’s Burger

  • Charming, nostalgic pixel-graphics
  • Many levels and bosses to defeat
  • A magic wand (and apparently a mecha)
  • A great NES-style soundtrack
  • Full controller support
  • A unique cast of characters
  • Musicalia: a town where you can socialize and shop
  • Fun, unique gameplay

Check it Out For Yourself!

I think I’ll leave it there as far as my thoughts on it. I’m gushing so hard here, I think the devs would be blushing, but it really is a cool game, and I’m probably going to get it when it releases too. If you’re looking for a game with low sys requirements, this one fits the bill too.

The demo download is half a gig and runs on just about anything. (Did I mention full controller support?) If you’d like to try it, I’ve put the Steam link below.

Thanks so much for coming back to Mr. Dave Pizza. Stay tuned for the new project I mentioned, it will probably be public in a couple of weeks, and continue to visit here for great new content. I hope you enjoyed this review. Have a magical day!

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