Inked: A Tale of Love Is a New Hand-Drawn Game (Nintendo Switch)

Well, here I am, back to keep things fresh here with a showcase for Inked: A Tale of Love I have the privilege of receiving a review copy for what was originally a PC game, now out on Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. Today I tested out the Switch version on the handheld mode and made my way through the first couple of chapters to see how well the transition has been (plus promote it to new players!)

I’ve seen sketch-style game graphics before, but I was curious to see what this was all about. The developer reached out to my friends at Indie Game Collective, and many of us got to try this ourselves to our utmost delight. So, in the honor of storytelling, as is this beautiful mind-sharpening narrative, I’ll be taking a look at the new puzzle game Inked: A Tale of Love.

This game is available on multiple platforms.

First Impressions of Inked: A Tale of Love

The presentation of Inked: A Tale of Love is enchanting and traditional. While puzzle-solving is the main purpose, the plot which runs through the hands of an omnipotent artist sends you into a world of aesthetic charm. It’s perhaps best imagined on my own part as some sort of traditional Japanese woodblock story. To describe it more accurately, however, consider it as wind chimes unfolding on a paper fan.

Everything runs just fine as a dual-color platform with 3D obstacles and character control. The environment and two main characters are contrasted in blue (variably) pen ink to a white parchment below.

The puzzles themselves are straightforward and involve a fairly powerful ability to move around elements of the terrain to unlock correct sequences and open the path for the story to continue.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed solving puzzles in Inked. The ballpoint art style, which truly is the main draw of the game in my opinion, added value.

Landscapes are not overly cluttered, and the pleasant waters that flow through each area tie the environment with the obstacles together, something which drew my eyes to the various clues for each puzzle.

Features of Inked: A Tale of Love

  • A vast world filled with unique landscapes and beautiful style
  • Challenging and unique puzzles
  • Blocks, boulders, ramps, and rivers to be utilized by you
  • Unique and stunning art style
  • Pleasant soundtrack to accompany you along the way
  • Controller support and incredible cross-platform functionality
  • Solutions that will guide and entertain you upon discovery
  • Supports Touchscreen (Even on Switch!)

Other Thoughts Aside From Straightforward Showcasing

I’m giving this one 100% for Twitch stream gaming. I have enjoyed Japanese-style folktales for quite a while, although the origin of this game is actually Croatia, which was a surprise. In all fairness, this is really more about art than origin though.

I enjoyed my time learning how the game works and moving my way through various areas. I only tested out the Switch touchscreen capacity after I had played it with the thumbstick. I’m going on the record that the touchscreen is a super good bonus to the playability of Inked: A Tale of Love. Descriptions floating around describe it as having “draw your own solutions” type of features. And, after testing that on the Switch (which I just conveniently happened to be playing) a whole new aspect of the gameplay was revealed.

It’s a pleasant little game. It’s a very casual play, and it’s a game that challenges and rewards. Don’t think too hard about it. Be like water. Be like ink.

Take care!

That’s it for Inked: A Tale of Love. We’ve done good work here today Pizzonians. If you’d like to get a little more information, click the Steam link below. It’s also on eShop naturally. I hope you enjoyed this showcase, thanks once again to Indie Game Collective for acquiring the copy from the devs.

Thanks so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. Check out some articles around the site, look at pictures, watch videos, or whatever you like. You are always welcome, so read as much as you like, and please come back!

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