What Lies in the Multiverse is a New Game With One VERY Interesting *Feature*

We’ve got a big event going on right now for THE BIG ADVENTURE. Many demos, and many great indies. I set my eyes on What Lies in the Multiverse first. It’s a collaboration between Studio Voyager, IguanaBee, and Untold Tales. Everything you’ll see in this game has a silvery thread of classic games like Fez, Owlboy, etc.

But it’s a little more than technicolor flashing pixel animations, it’s dealing with a really awesome powerful mechanic. Changing universes. That’s right, when you click RT you change universes in this game, and, honestly, it’s unique, it’s a seldom-used trope, but a particularly amusing one, because when you play a game like this, you can drop out real quick and drop back in as if you were putting on a new hat.

Got a little info, some gameplay, a demo, etc. Hey, here’s the link to the event.

This game is available on Steam.

First Impressions of What Lies in the Multiverse

Just jump right in. Really. We’re presented with a prologue at the event. There’s a little intro with a kid in his room programming some theoretical physics into his computer somehow, and things go a little haywire after he does what does. He’s transported to an ancient monk-populated mountaintop/platform. Explore around, and get a taste of the multiverse as the map of the platform shifts from an upbeat terrain to a dark dingy cave. It’s not just time we’re dealing with, it’s the universe, which intrigues me.

One of the most surprising things about What Lies in the Universe is despite the tilemaps, the physics of the game have subtle but convincing integrity. One section required jumping from a box in one universe to a rope in another, shifting halfway through. Yes, I have seen something like this, but it is one of my favorite types of mechanics, and this is a new game, so it’s prime for a whole new audience.

By the way, there’s a very Lokian-type Doctoresque guy with a purple top hat who’s there to guide you back home. I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Dave Pizza you ARE that Lokian-type Doctoresque guy.


Some features of the press kit:

  • Seamless Transformations – Shift between universes on the fly.
  • Diverse Worlds Beautiful pixel lovin’ landscapes
  • Colorful Cast of Characters – Such as Everett, that guy.
  • A Deeper Narrative – Lighthearted, but deep narrative.

How This Game Makes Me Feel

It’s the kind of game you just want to have fun with. There’s nothing too strenuous, it’s a game in the truest sense despite the next-gen mechanics. Please note, that this game does have some complex philosophical themes. Personally, I’m generally interested in some of those things. If you’d like an opportunity to think about some peculiar stuff, I think this game is going to be putting on some hats in that regard, in my brief gameplay, however, this is a polished game. This is a dev, but this is a polished, indie, adventurous title. Probably up for some comedy too.

It will be interesting to see what the game has in store. Make sure to check out Steam for coverage of the event too!

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