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Peglin and its Pachinko Goblins

Peglin is a great game where you complete levels by dropping a ball into a destructible pattern of mechanic-activating orbs. You can activate critical strike boosts, or replenish the board. And, before I gloss over too quickly, the purpose of this strategy is to rack up points that can then be used to attack mob health points, in effect winning the level and moving on. I was lucky enough to find the demo on Steam, although the main game has been covered elsewhere. Anyway, I’ll give you a brief rundown of Peglin.

Why Peglin?

So, it turns out Peglin is a pretty pleasant game. Play as a little pixel art goblin on an animated adventure through winding paths of slimes, treasure, and… pachinko. These types of games speak to my heart as an indie gamer. Ever since I played Princess Farmer last year, I’ve been wanting to see some more pixel-rendered mini-games-within-a-game wild on the usual rosters. I wondered about it a bit. I was traumatized over a year ago when somebody critically lambasted me for sucking at some Android game of similar characteristics. Okay, not really traumatized, I literally did not care. But I wondered if I’d be able to follow through.

Insights Learned From the Peglin Demo

Here’s the major perk of Peglin: anybody can play it. There’s not a terrible amount of skill required to begin, and any skills you will need should fall in place with the normal learning curve of the game. Within about 4 minutes, I was totally into it. There’s nothing too overwhelmingly complicated, and the more you play, the easier it becomes. Use exclamation mark pegs on the board to crit, “R peg” to replenish the board with all of the starting pegs. The more you hit the more points you earn for damage after the ball drops into the pit below. Use acquired treasure to purchase orbs with special abilities. This is so simple and so brilliant.

Games that are simple and require little interaction to prove your skills have always been a big hit here, and I’m ready to get on the Peglin cheer train. So, that’s why it’s my pick today as one of the top new games to try, for now, and probably so long as the fanbase it’s garnering prevails. Thanks for reading MrDavePizza. Be sure to check back for new content, and please subscribe to the YouTube channel for more gameplay.

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