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Have You Tried Terrene? Check Out This Indie Bit-Art Space Dev

Hey, thanks to JustWall Games for letting me try Terrene: An Evidence of Life. This is an indie open-world space exploration game with some sweet pixel graphics and the types of deep-cut quirks that make me play indies, seriously. I didn’t know what to expect at first, to be honest. I suspected some kind of multi-faceted character-based system, but that is only part of it. Actually, there are so many open-ended exploration features that I could see exploring the vastness of space could be relaxing and interesting. If you like games like Starbound or Terraria, be sure to check this out.

This game is available on Steam.

Launch and Disembark

Terrene: An Evidence of Life with a pretty simple premise to collect biomatter to make clones on your home planet. You basically have everything you need, and the storyline is not too heavy, so moving into open space from your orbiting ship happens quickly and flawlessly. There is not a vast introduction and the pixel graphics are simple but nice–as in everything you need to see is crisp and rendered on an even color scheme.

I thought the fact you have a fighter jet from the very beginning to be totally unexpected and a nice feature that kind of makes the whole game worth it. Directions of the first mission is simple, just head to the planet in your ship and start collecting. On the way, there’s a round of space fighter combat that’s fluid and totally under your control. And, honestly, I’m not a big mouse and keyboard player, but it was very easy to understand what to do here–just drag your target to enemies!

Features of Terrene: An Evidence of Life Game

So many features, I highly recommend you check out the game’s Steam page if you want to see a full list, but here are some to start with.

  • An open and generated universe
  • Various and unique environments
  • A host of tools and weapons to use and upgrade
  • Satisfying pixel graphics
  • Boss fights
  • A whole slew of extraterrestrial life forms
  • A vast mining and harvesting system to collect what you need
  • Tons of exploration under the umbrella of a genuinely unique and humble vision

Final Thoughts

I play games quickly, but sometimes I just want to chill out with something familiar. The way this allows you to explore and doesn’t overwhelm you with glitzy graphics feels so natural. The game is available for purchase, and I think if it’s in your range and genre, check it out. It has a great community to check out, and I highly recommend this title.

If you enjoy reading about content, you’re in the right place, it’s Mr. Dave Pizza. I wrote this article after receiving a free copy, and my thoughts here are my own. Thanks for reading.

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