Wanderful, is a Cozy Puzzle Strategy Game on The Horizon From “Tiny Roar”

Daedelic Entertainment is a huge high-quality game publisher featuring a range of developers from small to major, including the new Gollum game and also Wanderful from the German developers Tiny Roar. I have my eye on this publisher as an unbiased indie gamer because while, yes, the smaller indie community is my foundation, I also like really good games. So, when you can, there’s a great game you need to try from them called Wanderful, the cute cozy tile game demo that brightened my day.

Played on Steam.

How to Play Wanderful

I really enjoy tile games when they have a good vibe. The first time I ever played a tabletop tile game, I realized that not only does my brain work well for them but they are a lot of fun for patient people.

Wanderful uses a low poly 3D style and supposedly is a game that allows you to tell a story through tiles and exploration. While the demo left me curious about the game’s storytelling features, it is totally clear that the game as a solid structure for giving you hints of what to do while letting you figure it out on your own.

For reference though, you start on an unexplored map and use tiles from resource infrastructures like farms to conventional map mechanics like bridges and maps. Each unexplored tile denotes a color that matches a tile from your collection.

While exploring in Wanderful, you can connect areas to reach precious new tile choices presented in the form of floating bubbles above the landscape.

As you progress, you’ll unlock biomes that apparently unlock types of gameplay.


Here are some things to enjoy in the game Wanderful.

  • Explore an open-generated world
  • Unlock new tiles for new gameplay
  • Colorful, cozy design style
  • Play in short intervals or long, whether 5 minutes or 30
  • Rewarding gameplay (for me and probably you)

Check it Out

Well, that’s it. Just wanted to tell you about this game. It’s simple but what a fun demo, which may or may not be around for long, so check it out. Head over to Steam, or stockpile a list of games to try! Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. Happy exploring.

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