Rotund Zero is a Super Cheap Preview of the Rotund Franchise

Back with another Indie Game Collective showcase for Rotund Zero. It’s a precision platformer with a Game Boy monochrome style that uses directional keys only to solve puzzle levels made of bouncing blocks. It’s only $1.99 on Steam at the moment and encourages problem-solving in timed runs.

You have 5 minutes to complete as many levels as possible, and there are 26 levels, 1 for every letter of the alphabet! You’ll be on your toes to speedrun all of those levels, but the pressure is mild. Watch the YouTube video at the top of this article to see me run, a genuine but beginner, 5-minute run. I’ve been trying to cover more Game Boy-style retro games, so thank you to the developer and publisher Dahku for providing the key!

Some Backstory on Rotund

This is an economy version of two grander design-level games also on Steam within the last year and a half. Rotund Rebound (out just last month) and Rotund Takeoff (released last January.) And if you really want to dive into the backstory, here’s a really surprising fact, the Rotund series is based on a remake of the 2014 Wii U game Chubbins! Wow, that’s a long-time circulation for a platformer series, and exciting to retro gamers who enjoyed the Wii U. Also, here’s a fun obscure detail, the rabbit in Rotund Zero is named, Chubbit!

If you’re really into this type of platformer, or if you’d like to see full-color versions of this series, please check out these former releases on Steam mentioned.

Where To Get Rotund Zero

The major selling point here is probably going to be the YouTube gameplay I recorded, but for the record, I found the 5-minute countdown a perfect time to test my platformer skills. If you get lost, pay attention to the directionality of the blocks and other mechanisms throughout the levels. Also, not all of the platforms or blocks are visible immediately, so you may need to explore in the heat of perilous bouncing.

I don’t feel the need to go into too much depth about Rotund Zero, but it is enjoyable and the dev has some great ideas to learn from. The game is $1.99, so just get it. And basically, that’s all I’m going to say.

What an action-packed MrDavePizza showcase for the Indie Game Collective. Well, a brief one at least! Thanks for reading, please have a look around and explore my archives for many more wonderful, weird, and fun games covered in the past. Most of them are a bit more in-depth than this, but I hope you enjoyed this coverage here. Enjoy your games.

Here is a link to Dahku’s Rotund Zero on Steam.

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